Rio Grande

The used type of research was to the quantitative descriptive, therefore she is that one where the information and the data can be mensurados and be quantified. The collected data, in this type of research, pass for a filter, are tabulated, organized e, after these procedures, only are that the tests of statisticians are submitted (MARTINS, THEPHILO, 2007). Cross (2009, P. 20) approaches on the use of the quantitative research, which ‘ ‘ it is indicated when it has necessity to quantify and/or to measure opinions, attitudes and preferences or behaviors. Its results assist the planning of class actions and produce resulted passveis of generalizao’ ‘. The descriptive research has as objective main, according to Gil (year, 2010 p.28), ‘ ‘ the description of the characteristics of the chosen population or phenomenon or even though the establishment of relation between 0 variable.

However, between the descriptive research, well visible those become whose intention is to study the characteristics of a group in especifico’ ‘. This research was applied in professionals who work with rendering companies of services of logistic, importation, exportation and transporters, inside of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. The definition of the used sample was the not-probabilist one, that it consists of choosing, of random form, the white public, of any form if not allowing to generalize the results of the research in the chosen population. The technique of applied sampling was to the intentional one, in which if they determine criteria and is chosen intentionally a group of the representative population all it.