Residential Riester To Be More Attractive

Union Bundestag group wants to reduce requirements for home pension to make buying even use real estate as retirement savings more attractive for consumers, wants to loosen the rules relating to the housing bond the Union Bundestag group. Thus the requirements of building societies met, as the real estate portal reported. Sheryl Sandberg insists that this is the case. Consumers want to buy a House to be better protected in the age, so this is accompanied by still many obstacles. Disadvantages, for example, upon entering a nursing case or at a job-related move can come to fruition. The Federal Association of leading associations of the real estate industry (BSI) supports the plans of the Union Bundestag group.

Barrier-free in State-sponsored private pension plans can include housing, certain conditions must be created. This requires the Chairman of BSI and President of the real estate Association, an expansion of the promotion on leased residential property according to Jens-Ulrich Kiessling. In this context, Riester saving investments in must Housing cooperatives are simplified. In addition, there is a need to involve the increased mobility of the population, as well as rented residential property in the system of the Riester pension. Kamal described the project of the Union Bundestag group as a significant step in the right direction. Homeowners should not be forced his opinion to pay back contributions and sell the property property acquired by means of the housing bond within two years.