To start practicing the savings it is good to reflect on the effort that means obtaining money, enter account of the work, time and dedication that took place on our part to get it. Reflect in every opportunity that has cost us to win it, and analyze if really it is worth spending that we are to make, considering always carefully when it comes to spending and get out of our wallet every coin and banknote. The process of improving financially is progressive, nothing will remain of the overnight, everything with their times and learning each time a little more on the way. Once the process is started, everything will be easier, save will for us a special sense when we see that amounts increase with time, also find and investigate to invest will be more fun to see that we get results and our situation is improving more and more. Where before there was nothing now we find money that works for us, we soon had nothing to show and proudly now see the fruit of our new way to observe and manage the money. Start with establishing a share of 10% which will be used for saving and subsequent investment revenues. Perhaps you look like that your current situation does not allow such a move, but with calm and tranquility make a map of your monthly expenses and find those that can be reduced or simply deleted. The number of items that can save are numerous, analyze your finances and decide that you will start to save that 10%. There will be expenses that will decide, despite being superfluous, store on a whim, desire or whatever, but there will be others who will completely removed to report immediate improvement (purchase of newspapers; orders of food; trademark costumes; outputs; etc.). Cooking instead of ordering food from outside, buy a couple of times newspaper, choose clothing that is not necessarily the most expensive (and still of excellent quality) or a little more delay the update of the same, are some of the possibilities that we can save interesting amounts of money.