Rejection In Antibiotics Bacteria

The Low one Of the Gold, With High In the Silver, – Knocking down Bacteria and Producing Cell-Trunk, Giving a Rejection In Antibiotics and the Treatments With Use De Embries. If it are not the scarcity of the precious gold, the valuation of this metal it would be giving place to the silver, it saw recent discovered scientific that ressucitou old the practical one of the use of this metal in the combat to the bacteria, responsible for many diseases, at the moment where the antibiotic became incuo, front the defense each bigger time that comes being developed for the bacteria and other evil microorganisms. The magazine Cientific American, 1998, published inherent subject to new cepas and ancestries that are developing impressive offensive invading hospital institutions, clinical medical doctor’s offices, laboratories of clinical analysis, odontolgicos, afimando that the Streptococcus Aureus already became resistant the most efficient known antibiotic until then. The generated infections by the Streptococcus Aureus already they are considered intratveis, far from any resource of the medicine, more not advancing to create itself antibiotic stronger, a time because the microorganisms have the power to generate new mutations. Here, Qualcomm expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of the presented picture, it was inquired in the half scientific doctor who alternative could itself be searched, – when the question appeared: What it was used before the appearance of antibiotics, and the reply was: – That it was common if to use the colloidal silver as germicida and powerfulesterilizante.

The doctors Dr. Alfred Searte and Dr. Henry Crooks, in the start of securo XX they had developed studies where the Colloidal Silver was proven as excellent detainer of an enormous one to be able germicida with force to exterminar around 650 types of bacteria, fungos and virus, – in definitive way, in less than six minutes, not allowing the microorganism to create ancestries of resistant embryos as it happens with antibiotics.