Refrigeration Machine

By | November 1, 2014

The chiller provides outstanding services the chiller provides outstanding services required by today’s modern industrial society in industry and economy. A chiller is used as the name implies this, to generate cold. Each chiller is that there is a place, which is significantly colder than the normal ambient temperature. Cooling occurs when the object to be cooled touched this place. A chiller is a technical device to which serves the cooling. And this cooling is needed. Cold, industrially produced, is required in many areas. Therefore are chillers in large numbers in the industry in action.

Used for air conditioning and cooling products and food, but also for producing ice. A refrigerator works on a principle, which is based on an air – or water exchange. This thermodynamic process takes place mostly in a cycle, which means that about transported off air returned is, after the heat of the air has been exchanged so to speak. The principle of the refrigeration machine is easy. Warm air is recorded below ambient temperature and then at a higher temperature. Conceptually, it is similar to the operation of a refrigeration machine with which a heat pump.

The cooling heat transfer can go directly or indirectly place. During indirect cooling, the air or the water is initially cooled by an evaporating refrigerant. Separately from a process takes place, absorbed the heat, which previously has been rejected elsewhere. Direct cooling, these two processes are connected directly in a row and are almost connected. General care should be taken when using a cold machine, that as little energy is lost, to ensure maximum performance at a low cost. Innovative products such as the quantum refrigeration machine access to a Turbo liquid cooling Kit and an optimal compressor concept with oil-free bearings back. The use of these materials provides not only for a sound and vibration-free operation, but also for an efficient operation of the chiller. Up to 50 percent of energy costs can be saved with the quantum refrigeration machine. The cooling is indispensable in our modern times. But not nearly as modern as the usage of large-scale refrigeration is the principle of cooling. Mid-18th century it was discovered that you could produce cooling through the exchange of air.

Mid-19th century the first refrigeration machine in the world by John Gorrie in Florida was built then. The American doctor wanted to achieve with the chiller for his patients in the humid Florida air improve. Unfortunately, the then cold machine was not a great success. Right economically chillers were especially breweries only in the 1870s, when the cooling to cool beer to Wanted to take advantage. Today is not only the cooling performance, but also the energy consumption of the refrigeration machine of crucial importance for the industry. For this reason the quantum refrigeration machine was awarded in 2003 the innovation award of the German economy. A quiet design and high-quality materials round off the total package of a chiller. Finally, also the reliability of the refrigeration machine in addition to energy efficiency is important. If special noise protection requirements must be met, it is recommended also to ensure himself a quiet run.

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