Referral Marketing

The good old word of mouth, which began millions of years on the bonfires, experienced just a mighty change. When, as now, confidence in the provider falls, and soon no one believes their full-bodied advertising brochures, recommendations are particularly important. Especially in turbulent times, we lend our ear especially to those who are close us, who are trusted and honored to share their practical experiences: reliable referrers. Mastering the rules of the game of modern referral marketing, can look to a permanently profitable future. There are enough opportunities to do so.

What is needed here? Knowledge, wealth of ideas and a little courage. The ways to the goal look different for each company. Try it yourself with the following tips – and look constantly for new. Because only who is unique, we recommend more vehemently. If you write letters or send mailings, you mention systematically a group of people, for which the offer could be also interesting. It sounds then like this: If you and one of your Colleagues/friends/business partners are up to the for login, get the early bird rate of xx euro.

How to save xx %. And your colleagues/friends/business partners save equal to.” If you send coupons, just enclose a second and point out expressly: because shared joy is double joy, we will send you equal to two vouchers. One is for you and the other is to give as a gift.” Straight entering the environment of your target audience in the conversation. In the United States I read this in a doctor’s Office on a sign in the waiting room once: following patients we would like to thank for this, that they have recommended us: “the waiting interested very much in favour. And some probably wished to stand there once. I can imagine here like us in a store or on the Web sites of various suppliers.