Ramzan Failure

I remember how, then sat in his office, everything shakes – heh, bangs, tooth point squeezed, but – only forward. Once all stood up: “So we’re not up to what does not agree, goodbye.” He stopped, went on assignment)) In short, we agreed with him to the fact that our entire line. Well, not mine, but the people I represent))) True, they subsequently had to give up – just not needed)) 8.Esche one episode so interesting – is buying up land in the Caucasus. Not only do the people there have a special mentality, they have their own views, and _kak_ that should be. This can not cause additional difficulties. To read more click here: Fox Rehab. You can make three of these simple tips: (1) Never talk to the crowd.

It is useless. “Give me a man with whom I speak.” And solitude. The credibility of whom they choose, will be the answer to many questions. (2) before the end of a bargain and be ready to leave at any moment, “Not happy, right? Well, these favorable conditions, we propose the following Ramzan. ” (3) It is better rigidity, precision certainty and a minimum of debate. “We offer this this and this. That’s all there are no other options.

” It was only after the failure has to continue negotiations. A failure is rare),)), I 9.Kak butting with the minister. Time has come, according to the classic win-win, two – All refused. Like, “fuck you, I’ll want it.” This is verbatim. I tried all that at that time was in my arsenal. Until he came to me one and did not show _kak_ should say really. After that, progress has gone. And I clearly saw that practice and the book, even ones that give knowledge – it’s two different things. And one thing – what we understand after reading the other – what we are trying to use from what we understand, and the third – is that going to work. Tell you now? About interesting cases?