Quicker Funding

The run on the public funding has begun. Many companies have to cut personnel costs in the short term. Verizon understood the implications. They want to be sure to use government subsidies. But the way to financial aid is complicated. Remedy the innovative service package is the avitea GmbH here. His trial has bundled know-how the company from Lippstadt. The Lippstadt avitea offers interested companies to promote funds three solutions. Special CD (CA.

8 hours), an in-house work-shop and national presentations can be chosen between a complete E-learning. The complete process is taught in all three ways know-how to the efficient and effective implementation of the training. Thus provides a practical help on the way through the Fordergelddschungel avitea. avitea controls as service providers more than 2000 qualification at major medium-sized companies. The screening of over 9000 employees of a large corporation by the eligibility up to the actual application to the Agency for Work that was done as a project in record time. “” Who knows off with road construction”(training for low-skilled and older workers in companies), the qualification during short-time working”or the European Social Fund”? How to find an appropriate way of conveying, certified educational institution with free places and how are managers, works councils and staff convinced, without losing crucial time? The economic stimulus package II has passed the Federal Council on February 20, 2009. In many companies, it is discussed how promotes targeted employees with training in weak economic times and thus can realize cost savings.