Public Hospitals

Nowadays people are very kind to their health. Everyone already understands the importance of annual preventive check with your doctor. Finally, doctor on call at home, as well as in developed countries, has only first aid, and not the only means of treatment. And when you need treatment for what a particular disease, then you go to a clinic where you will be treated gynecologist or ent, not "universal" emergency doctor or local doctor. If you need therapeutic massage in Yasenevo or gynecology, you better go to private clinics for two reasons. First – you know, or at least heard about what the quality of treatment in conventional public hospitals. Secondly – good specialists in the public hospital, as a rule, you still need to pay bribes. (Not to be confused with Adam Portnoy!). Think about it – paying bribes and pay for treatment in a clinic that values its reputation, as you know – different things. In the first case you is not a guarantee of quality of treatment, then at a private clinic you have the right to demand quality care for the money you paid. At that time, public doctors are working under the old scheme, Private doctors are inventing new types of medical services. The clearest example – the service "medical support". Designed specifically for very busy people, today it is a huge success. When you order a services, a patient at any time can get advice over the phone or call a doctor to your home or office. In addition, clinic staff themselves organize the necessary operations such as the collection of tests, consultations, compiling a survey of diet and so, whatever that is taken away from the client a minimum of time. When you go to a private clinic, you will not have to go to a drugstore in your city to search for drugs, without which your treatment will not so productive. But if we will still not managed to convince to apply to a private clinic, then at least do not go for treatment in the "general" hospitals and hospital emergency room. At least that there is only treated lame duck, who have no opportunities currently pay for the treatment speaks for itself. It's better to select a narrow-medical agency specializes in your illness. And remember – despite the publicity or rumors – most good characteristic of the medical institution – an opinion of people out there who have been treated.