Protection Against Annoying Colds

Cold and flu viruses have high season Wolfsburg in the autumn and winter months, January 5, 2010 in times of cold or even flu waves that periodically often occur during the cold season, great importance to adequate prevention measures. The virus kill not can make one although, there are many useful defense strategies that will help to strengthen the immune system or to make infection unlikely. 1 warm dress sense organs for a cold chilly can make vulnerable for colds. Through the cold, so the suspicion of many experts, the immune system is weakened in the short term. 2. sports moderate running sport can strengthen the body’s natural defences.

3. vitamin-rich diet containing foods is the benefits of vitamin C in terms of cold still not sufficiently clear; many but is good for the combination with a hot drink (such as hot lemonade”). The drink relieves cold symptoms to gentle article 4. Precautions in everyday hands from mouth and nose keep handles in bus frequent and thorough hand washing or not with the bare hand touch railway sleeping enough visit often the steam sauna for hypothermia immediately a hot bath or foot bath take Christina Impala