Once more the manufacturer of one of the best projectors, presents a new version, make H7531D an exclusive video for domestic market projector, a computer with color, very easy to use and with a full 1080p HD, these are its main features, the Acer H7530D, predecessor in the H family of projectors made domestic for the film at home and it was officially presented at the IFA 2009who manufactured this version H7531D. He is said to be manufacturing version, because they are both the same model point by point, but the only difference that is between the two, is that this last a second HDMI port has joined him in the. This system of high definition has an important feature, it’s the native FullHD resolution 1080p, which allows projecting a screen between 37 and 300 inches at a distance of between 1.5 and 10 meters. This projector has the property of luminosity of up to 2,000 lumens with contrast 40. 000: 1, but it is recommended to use it with little or no light, for appreciate the pictures in all its glory, we must also mention the fidelity in color, which shows vivid shades which does not lose its realism to the passage of time, because it has the best color ColorSafe and ColorBoost compensation technology, these properties serve you so tones do not end up rarunos even though we project the image on a wall or surface not contrastable color. This latest version of the do has the peculiarity to automatically detect its position when it is hung, upside-down, ceiling.

Still don’t know its exact price; because it has not been released yet, is believed to be something of a few weeks. The price of doing above is 1,170 euros, then do not believe that additional HDMI suppose an excessive price increase. What they found, is that despite the virtues that have these and other projectors, still not can become competition in flat televisions. viawww.equipos-de-audio-y-video.