Project Manager

Communication is the interactive process by which packets of information of an entity can be transmitted to another. This must be vertical through the chain of command and horizontal through established channels Project Manager shareholders or customers. It is also bi-directional as it requires approvals, consensus and feedback from any of your sources. Planning a project is pointless if not communicates equally effectively. Those involved need to have all the information necessary to understand what is expected of them, what your responsibilities and limits of authority. It is important to emphasise that communicating is not limited exclusively to assign tasks, but that it should encompass the entire project. Supervise Civil construction projects for a few years. On one occasion, during a visit to a work in progress discovered that a couple of carpenters, whose assigned work had been completed before time, had decided to begin to dismantle the installation in remodeling wood Windows.

The Chief of works was not present, but the carpenters claimed that the activity was within the plan, and thus was. However the scope of the same had not been communicated. For when it detected the error two woodpeckers had left the factory without Windows. What has been agreed with the customer amounted to only 30% of carpentry in bad condition, the rest was not included in the budget. Imagine you having in addition to eating food scrap to stand because a clueless Assistant decided to throw away the old your dining table. 5 Monitoring and documentation of progress of the project is during this stage that can be operated on what is known as Triangulo of the Proyecto its three vertices are costs, timetable of tasks (in time) and scope. A measure that the project progresses must monitor, document and compare with the projected progress. It is likely to emerge variations whose causes must be analysed to avoid the recurrence or worsening of the gap.