Project Management Institute

Finally, we want to draw attention to the issue known in some media as the triple constraint on the management of project: scope of the project, time and cost. The quality of the project is affected by the fact of balancing these three factors. Hence the importance that there is clarity on the matter. The methodology that I will be describing always is aware of this issue. To start I’ll be defining project management; and to do this then we should agree on what means project. There are several definitions of what is a project, however I think that in essence is a temporary effort that contains a set of interrelated activities, with a start and a definite ending, that uses limited resources for achieving an identified goal such as a product or single service. I make an emphasis on the word temporary, which means that each project has a definite beginning and a final termination. This does not imply that the project execution time is short.

There are projects that can last for years as well as others that are very short. It is worth clarifying that the term does not imply that the objective (product or service) reached is temporary. Many projects are created to achieve lasting results, as for example an initiative CRM or the construction of a monument. I Additionally stress the unique word, it means that the product or service is different in some distinctive way of all projects or similar services performed within the company. Then, tending the above, project management is the planning, implementation and evaluation of a project.

According to definition of the Project Management Institute in its the fundamentals of management of projects guide PMBOK, project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of parties involved in a project. Meet or exceed the needs or expectations of the parties concerned invariably involve balancing demands that compete among themselves, such as: scope, time, cost and quality. Parties concerned with different needs and expectations. Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations). To do this we are defined that is project management. I will continue developing the topic of project management in the following articles.