Professional Success

Women in leadership positions are still under-represented: according to a recent study by the DIW Berlin lies below the proportion of women in the boardrooms of the 200 largest companies in Germany, only three percent, and thus just as low as in the year. To prepare for that, women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women on the 5th of may in Bonn, has collected Henrike platen, management consultant and President of BPW Germany e.V., seven tips for women who want to go into management. 1 you limiting beliefs traditional role stereotypes overcoming adhere tenaciously, and your own beliefs diminish our self-confidence. You can’t do that”, which is too heavy for you”, such sentences are often a life except to replace them with new, irreversible courage statements. Things of which you have never done what can already happen try? 2.

identify your strengths just women know what they can’t, as what they can often better. Make a note of Their strengths and concentrate on. 3. define and your goals and let by setbacks undaunted who sets goals, has good chances to get there. Consider where you want or what you want to do. Break long-term goals on small intermediate down and follow them consistently. By setbacks not discouraged you also allow detours lead to the goal. Instead, use the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

4. resist perfectionism just for women, perfectionism is a real career killer. Everything you do can be done of course still better and more beautiful. But this really leads the effort for a greater benefit? “Set priorities and be with almost perfectly” satisfied. Hard work alone does not lead to professional success. “5. you take chances if you are painting a set from your head, namely: I can’t do this, I’ve never done that.” If youa interesting position is proposed, doubt you not on your qualification. Do not hesitate and to access. Men do this too! 6. enjoy your successes and you talk about it you have successfully completed an important project? Have you received a positive feedback from a customer? Make sure that others know about this! Only when the decision makers in your company know what you make, you can cause an increase in salary or a promotion. Forget it trained female modesty self-praise stinks not! 7. look up support straight women often try to pass as humans. Who but really want to progress in the professional, need contacts and a network that offers support, tips and assistance.