Professional Sales

This analysis is very important, since here is derived from the method that you should use to manage the sales process and achieve effectiveness in its work. In measure to that product or service is of highest involvement, more refined and complex will be the sale process to use. Anyway, If the product is of low involvement, also requires careful with the variables of the sale process, since differentiation will not be on the product or service itself, but on other variables that can move the balance towards your purchase of high involvement side is defined as the purchase of goods or psychologically important services for a person or Empresaevalue which is the type of sale that you are running and check if its process is transactionalinformative or relational. For even more analysis, hear from baby clothes. Remember the above-mentioned recommendations. Those vendors who develop a transactional sales or informational process are predestined to disappear, will be seen as prehistoric dinosaurs by buyers in the very short term. Therefore, well evaluated as it performs its process and define a work plan to take your sales process into a field more oriented to relational selling. Remember, no matter if you sell products and services of low or high involvement, doesn’t matter if you attend small or large accounts, you should be prepared to deal with the sales of shape Professional, consistent and methodical. There is a very interesting book that we discuss within our publications in the Blog called Hope is not a strategy, hope not is a strategy.

That seller that extremely confident in their abilities and charisma and manages each process of sale according to his feelings, certainly not very successful in the medium and long term. I evaluated what value you are generating each one of its customers, according to the explanation of generation of value given in this page. Take two or three cases of their clients and review in detail which is the value that you and your product or service are adding to that client. If your conclusion is that not adding value, that the added value is very low or that the added value is equal to which can give any other vendor, is recommended that you review your business process and your value proposition (we will develop this topic in detail in the Blog posts). Customers are going to decide to buy whom based on maximizing the added value that we can give our suppliers and be assured that will not always be the lowest price, much less in business markets. I evaluated your sales process and validate if it meets enough trial phases of planning, execution, Control and evaluation of commercial activity. This will be material to be supplied within the development of the publications on this site, but basically check to see if your sales process complies with these phases.