Professional Issues

As we have already indicated in previous units, we can define the vocational guidance in a broad manner as assistance to a person to resolve issues related to your professional life, taking into account their personal characteristics, and the needs and socioeconomic perspectives of your environment. Professionals working in this field carried out an intersubjective process whose purpose is to achieve the labour insertion in the labour market. From this concept finalist understand that the correct designation for the above-mentioned professionals working in Labor orientation should be to technicians in vocational orientation for insertion or technicians of labor insertion, term that from this moment will be the reference. Despite this, and with great simplicity, the most common denomination is and will remain for a long time of career Planner. Other typologies and denominations: according to the national code of occupations of the INEM (C.N.O.) used at present occupation is called in two ways:-counselor professional for the insertion, associated with a university degree (code 24120087).

-TECHNICAL means in career, associated with a first University cycle or diplomatura (code 29130133). It is curious how the regulations governing actions of vocational guidance for employment and assistance for self-employment (OPEA) in collaborating entities of the Regional employment service, not speaking in the technical specifications of the technical staff profile, even gives you name. It has to deal with the collaborating entity. I.e. legal regulation thanks to which work the vast majority of the T.I.L. of the community of Madrid, does not say what they are. In articles for announcements, specialized publications of public employment, employment services, etc. are a multitude of denominations for professionals who carry out functions of orientation and/or job placement, depending on some cases of specific tasks that perform.

Some of them are:-technician employment. -Technician in Sociolaboral insertion. -Technical guidance for employment. -Social and vocational counselor. -Professional counselor. -Placement Manager. -Labor informant. -Labour Insertor. -Tutor of employment. It is important that the name that is used in each case does not influence the functions, tasks and responsibilities of professional orientation and job placement. These issues there to take care of them, and in them go below. It is true that all must gradually moving towards a uniformity in terminology. Distance learning course all Spain: technical in orientation and insertion employment