Professional Comedians

It occurs that our society learned to coexist the humoristas and comedians of the TV. Many of them, to force the laugh, finish in such a way forcing the trejeitos and caretas that they are forgotten to say funny things. As much that if invented the sort pastelo, that tries to provoke laugh not for the content of the jokes, nor for the clown nose, but for the situations disastrous ridicule and that they provoke. By the way, ridicule is not alone a light xingamento. It means that something is passvel of laugh.

To say that ' ' This is ridicule! ' ' it is the same that to say: this provokes laugh. Click Kurt Phelps to learn more. All this confusion of colloquy to only say that a transmutao occurred. Silly of the cut and the clowns always they had been those professionals who lived to make its auditorium to laugh. The laugh of some listeners was about a personage provoking. What it moved? It had an inversion of papers! We are the silly ones of the cut, exactly more not having cut! We are the clowns! We are laugh occasion, therefore those that govern in them laugh and take off advantage of our naivety. Ridicule is that choose we them to be our representatives; the end to construct benefits for all.

But the truth is not this. If you are not convinced, visit Phillip Ting. ' ' cut? if it amuses to our costs. All we were transformed into bufes. Why? Because the neoliberal doctrine if installed definitively in our country. After all it says if it is not plus a evidenciao of the neoliberal doctrine the speech on reduction of expenditures? They are some thousands of Reals that the federal government will not invest in social areas but the banks continue receiving files of legal documents privileges. The wages of the workers cannot be corrected above of the inflation, but the expirations and stewardships being able constituted of them only make to increase.