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In what form is the acceptance test performed universities in 2013 on the Austrian medical? Since the problems in the 2012 selection process, the medizininischen universities of Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna to have decided to develop a new common selection procedure. On the one hand, there is the opinion that the EMS test is unfair to female candidates, and on the other hand, say experts would check the suitability of the study and not the important medical skills test. One thing is now clear: a new aptitude test will be used in the year 2013 definitely for medical school in Austria. No wonder with the problems that caused test 2012 to the EMS. The newly introduced quota for female candidates has led to mass protests and lawsuits against the Medical University of Vienna. But many still believe that the test is unfair to female candidates, the three biggest Med decided are universities out of Austria without further ADO to to introduce a new test.

Up to the Today there are only suspicions from uncertain sources about the medical aptitude test in 2013 in Austria. No one knows exactly what for an aptitude test the UNIS in Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz building, to test the future candidate for the study of medical suitability study. All eagerly await the official statements of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW). In the year 2012, approximately 10,000 applicants for the Bachelor of medicine have registered in Austria and in the year 2013 is to be reckoned with similar numbers of applicants. The EMS test should contain 2013 under testing of the recording, which was used until now by the Medical University of Graz, rumor. The Grazer EMS test (BMS) was up to the year 2012 from the following tests: scientific knowledge of NaturwissenschaftlichesTextverstandnis it is conceivable that the new admission test for medical school is based on the old Grazer BMS social skills. But exact information disclosed only within the next few days. At StudyMed you can look at what looked like the old EMS.

It is absolutely conceivable that parts of the old aptitude tests will be reinstalled in the new selection procedure. However, the cooperation with the Swiss test developers ended for the time being. Whether still parts of the old aptitude tests can be used is so far still not quite sure. As soon as there is confirmed information, learn about the new test for physicians at. Also preparation materials are offered as soon as possible you the new EMS test. Since there will be until then not many opportunities to prepare, you can secure you a decisive advantage over the other medicine applicants and thus come a step closer your dream of studying medicine.