Pounding Blonde

Before beginning the series, the interpreters receive classes of fencing, martial arts, handling of arms, dominion of horses " Some lend more to the game than others, there are some that are in better physical training conditionses and others to which costs to them more to overcome the fear Generally when it is to make a project therefore the actors give and esfuerzan" , he assures Brossard. " Nowadays the majority of the actors, mainly the young people, knows that the image is vital and usually they are in a very good physical form " , it assures Portela, that nevertheless, it notices that can not be sufficient: " Pounding Blonde, Oscar Jaenada and Octavi Pujades they are in very good form, but they had to carry out an extra work, because their personages had a greater load of accin" , it explains the producer. That implies more work. " It demands (to the actors) a greater volume to them of work, because to the tests normal to memorise text and to sharpen the intention, is s to umar the preparation of the choreographies or the learning of the handling of arms, explosives and, even, the work with animales" , Portela explains that, nevertheless, assures that they thank for it to the interpreters: " On the contrary, they wanted to do it everything and they requested more scenes of accin". Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis. " Now I employ to account of the hardness and that a scene of action of twenty seconds supposes " , it explained in an interview David Janer, Red protagonist of Eagle. Extra of interpretation Once trained, to mount an action scene adds all type of complications to a running. The actors must execute a choreography at the same time as they say his text and they give the own dramatic quality him of the paper, and all that, while they handle a horse or mandobles are distributed. .