Portuguese Lines

Come more an article well, in this I make question of esmiuar a subject that already made to run much ink. Additional information at baby clothes supports this article. It puts me boquiaberto as it exists people of a etria band understood between the 20 and 30 years, that pronounce to the seven winds the most serious affirmations as exaltando Adolf Htler and its horrendas shares, excepting in lunatic and ignorant way that nazism had two faces, ' ' one me and the other boa' '. During all the afternoon matutei and I tried to fit some logic in this disastrous sequncia of phrases, but my effort showed inglrio, data that the lack of clarividncia and historical knowledge is well-known miniature not to say exactly null. When collated with names as Ernest Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Lon Trotsk, Estaline among others, it says to be unaware of such figures, opening space all to consider them me that if recta deals with an oblique and too much mind, seeing only for a direco, demonstrating ignorance and clamorous insensbilidade in other substances directamente related. To this specimen and others of same the chaste one, I prescribe an intensive research the level of world-wide history and even because not, to deepen knowledge (if it is it has that them) of Portuguese history, because Portugal does not exist since 2000, we are parents of traditions, that if projecta in the world. From there that it is imperative terms an informative lucidity assinalvel of form to be perfectly cultured and informed in order not to be overwhelmd the ideas preconceived for consporcadas minds. The ideal made a mistake one of ' ' race ariana' ' a surrealista invention created between 1939 was and 1945, are frightful to think that after as much modernity, evolution and progress, still racial preconceptions exist, religious, social and humanistic that serve to molest, to despropriar, to extropiar, to steal and to mutilate who wants that it is.

The human rights are not only mere lines written in one any paper, are bars masters of the human relationship, of the international coexistence, gizam all there the lines for where if the countries sew all. They respect yours integrity, but acimda of everything does not intervine in the limitation of the freedom and experience of each one. Let us be respectful stops with the other. We cannot leave to emerge of new the fever of the fachismo, the nazista illness that impregnated the espiritos of all during decades the wire! Let us be authoritarian in this substance and it will be necessary to appeal the drastic measures that if take, the freedom has its price, we have that to be responsible the sufficient to have the courage taking of them!