Problems of this nature not only have a political or economic origin, but also they own diverse social and cultural causes. A form to explain the complexity which we are facing is to understand that our society is immersed in the call ” time posmoderna” , a stage that is characterized to distrust of the reaches of the human reason to include/understand the reality. The posmodernidad is consequence, as to his it indicates it name, of modernity, an historical time that gave to the human rationality an excessive reach, magnificent. The modernity, that starts at the end of century XV, considered that it was easy to create great theories and systems, many of which looked for to impose with irrefutable dogmas. The consequences were diverse: from abarcantes ideologies omni to exterminating totalitarianisms.

The reaction of the posmodernidad raises the unique option of an intellectual skepticism that resigns to want to know the truth. It proclaims the supposed incapacity of the human being to know the aspect essential the realities that surround to us. The thought posmoderno is, largely, a weak thought that is translated in confusion and relativismo. When wearing down the universal human understanding, the posmodernidad also throws the ethical and political criteria. Of this form we were without handles nor roots where to hold to us and without referring and horizons towards where leading to us. Gilles Lipovetsky denominates to our time like ” it was of vaco” and it aims: ” Either no political ideology is able to excite the masses, the society posmoderna does not have nor idol nor taboo, nor only glorious image of itself, no mobilising historical project, or is governed by the emptiness, an emptiness that does not tolerate, nevertheless, neither tragedy nor apocalipsis”. It triggers diverse phenomena like the individualism and the social apathy, and flights like the hedonismo and the uncontrollable consumption.