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Narcissism is not disease based, when it has a personality disorder. Narcissism is an experience – and practice of healthy people, so per se is nothing abnormal. It occurs naturally in the child development and is then lost based on interpersonal communication and the corresponding feedback mostly. Only with very strong expression and if the social functioning is disturbed that narcissism is a universal principle in all areas of life, gets the narcissism disease character and then is among the so-called personality disorders: the narcissistic personality disorder. Such issues cause usually not directly in the practice of the psychiatrist or psychotherapist, but about other disciplines, E.g. the pain practitioner, the in in the personality disorder a factor recognizes the pain maintenance and reinforcement.

Narcissism is the easiest to understand if you envision himself that he composed two Poland, under to match those numerous symptoms to the magnificent pole, characterized by high self esteem and the vulnerable pole, characterised by a high level of ability to Kranken. Narcissists have an exaggerated belief of self-importance and uniqueness to the magnificent pole:. They tend to overestimate the own merits and capabilities, thereby expect without corresponding services as superior to be recognized and admired. They succumb to fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love. Based placing a pronounced entitlement mentality on the day with exaggerated expectations of preferential treatment and automatic addressing on the own expectations, so that the environment perceives them as arrogant and overbearing. This goes so far that exploitative behave in interpersonal relationship benefit i.e. from others, to achieve their own goals.

Unwilling show yourself, to recognize the feelings and needs of others. Plays an important role Envy, which focused on others or is associated with other projective. To the vulnerable pole: it is shown a hypersensitivity to criticism, an expression of high sensitivity, vulnerability and shame.