Petrobra Elias

After the agitation of the first night of carnival, Mariana contemplated of drawn of the apartment the first rays of the sun that scintillated on the mist formed for the encapeladas waves that beat in the rochedos of the break-sea. Suddenly the door of the room if opened and projected Elias, the husband, drunk, to the trambolhes. It entered, it erased the cigarette in the ash tray and tartamudeou: ‘ ‘ Mariana, will have some claim to make, writes in my agenda ‘ ‘ Badly it finished to speak, it harnessed in the carpet and it started to snore, exhaling nicotine and alcohol for all the pores. In silence, therefore wise person who any claim would be useless, gave of shoulders, was for the room to sleep, leaned over it half body is of the window, breathed pure air, looked at for the beach and saw some couples of boyfriends delivering themselves it the meandros of the sexuality. A blond one of voluminous long and seios hair instigated the partner, rummaging the hips and biting the inferior lip. Baby clothes usually is spot on. Lying in ventral decubitus, a girl made sex with the boyfriend.

Excited with the appearance, Mariana was for the bed, undressed and passed to make afagos in same itself After the relaxation of that sublime moment, apanhou the remote control and bound tev: it passed a news article on the carnival in the Bahia. ‘ ‘ The carnival is a celebration of the meat, when the repressions and prohibitions of the normal life already do not exist, and suddenly all the pleasure forms are possveis’ ‘ , it said a folio. It passed of nine hours of the morning when the intercom trilou: he was the doorman of the building informing that the car which would take Elias to the airport had fond. Elias, competent engineer of a rendering company of services to Petrobra’s, would be two weeks, in high-sea, a platform of prospection of oil.