Personnel Assessment Tests

By | July 16, 2011

Traditional evaluation criteria is not so long ago when selecting a new employee or a candidate for another office the following criteria: education and spetsialnostvozrastopyt work in this or related oblastinalichie positive reviews and rekomendatsiyznanie kompyuteralichnye languages and experiences, however, education is not always a criterion of professionalism. Many graduates of prestigious universities, diligent often are not ready to tackle the real problem. Age as a criterion of authority has long lost its meaning, but flexibility is not the prerogative of the young, and especially the quality of the individual. Experience – the factor is positive, if the applicant would have to perform an identical last job. In modern conditions, at any particular place has its own nuances, and the employee, too confident in their competence, may experience difficulty in adapting to a new place and finding a common language with the head. The presence of positive recommendations – the subjective factor. If a person is proved to be good days work, it does not guarantee that it will fit into the new command.

In addition to these recommendations can simply agree. Language skills and professional knowledge of computers is an important criterion, if it is directly related to work. In most cases, from the employee is required to hold computer at a basic user level, and knowledge of languages can be useful on the force once a year. With sufficient flexibility and interest in all of these issues are addressed as we go. Personal experiences can also be misleading.

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