Person Capacity

Being thus, you have reason you will be low a resilience. However not for remembering the facts in recurrent way, but for always attributing to the same meanings they, independent of the time that they already had happened. Resilientes people arrive to suffer preconception on the part from those that do not have this? ability? much developed? (For example: they costumam to listen that they do not bind for the things or are extremely rational) It looks at, my concept of resilience works with 8 areas of the life, that costumo to call models of determinative beliefs, that structuralize the style of life of the person. These models of determinative beliefs, that you could understand as a set of beliefs in one same area, are: the 1) self-control in a situation that is important for that person, 2) analysis of the context that the person is trying, 3) the autoconfiana in its capacity to carry through what it is considered to make, 4) the capacity to conquer and to keep people next to itself to raise the conditions of protection, 5) the ability of being emptica, 6) the capacity of being optimistical and to ahead feed the hope of the profits, 7) the capacity to ripen in the way as to deal with the somatic reactions that appear when the tension or it estresse if they thus become high and to read what if it passes with the proper body and of the other people and 8) to have the accurate sense of valuation of the life, also with a clear notion of indifference of what it so seems to be desired for the great majority of the people. Now she sees, if the person will be very resiliente in all the 8 areas, with certainty, it will be had as boat, methodical e, I would say that, until off.