Parrot By Philippe Starck: The Revolution Of Sound

Exclusive speaker novel technology with timeless design Munich/Paris in January simply connect only listening to music is passe: starting today, Parrot is specialist in wireless devices around the mobile telephony, new standards,. Philippe Starck, one of the most important designers of our time, exclusively designed speakers that inspire music and design fans alike. Minimalist design and deep black paint the Parrot by Starck speaker have an innovative NXT technology that adds a new dimension to the music. Especially flat membranes produce small-scale vibrations on the entire surface and the music is faithfully rendered in the 360 range with an output power of 100 Watts. No matter, where the listener is in the room, the sound is everywhere. A special sonar was carefully integrated into the lower part of the speaker, to give depth to the bass frequencies. With a height of 75 cm, the speakers especially at seat level offer either at your desk or on the sofa, maximum sound quality. We wanted to create a speakers\”not only easy, says Philippe Starck.

Our design was more geared to make the air vibrate. The vibration feels actually three-dimensional, i.e. the air is palpable, from almost human presence, like a perfume.\” The Parrot by Starck speaker received the music from a variety of sources. They are compatible with the latest generation of the Apple player such as iPod / iPhone. Through an integrated docking station on one of the pillars, transfer the music and at the same time charging the connected device. The pieces of music stored on the PC are easy to stream over Wi-Fi on the speaker. Music from the mobile phone, PC or Mac becomes audible using the Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) wireless technology through the speakers.