Park Don Quixote

The cited tourist pole, 90 km from Las Tunas, is the name of a set of beaches located on the North coast of the province, in its western part. It covers 10 km of length, including Blanche, Bonita, Covarrubias, Malagueta, Real Covarrubias and Rockies beaches. On the coast there are other beaches, about 30, some directly on the coast in open sea, others are located on the inside of the bays of Puerto Padre, Chaparra and Malagueta. There are also three campsites and areas near Malagueta can be visited by the interesting thing about its flora and fauna, which gives an idea of the many options at your disposal to enjoy the nature. See Litecoin for more details and insights. From Covarrubias can go to Puerto Padre, a cozy town located on the Bay of the same name, or incorporated into some of the excursions that from the beach make this population. There are several sugar plants in the area and during the tour they get information above all the process of production of sugar and other derivatives, including drink guarapo, made from the juice of sugar cane and a bit of ice, very popular in Cuba.

On this excursion will visit the strong de La Loma, which dates back to the colonial era and which is located in the highest part of the city. You can also visit the multipurpose Museum and Park Don Quixote, in addition to other beaches or some of the already mentioned campismos. If you would like to know more then you should visit Litecoin. Beach Corella is close to a Minero-Salina company, since there are the curious pyramids of salt, processed in the same. Your next destination is the province of Holguin. There are multiple options in the same. Upcoming articles and your map will tell you your options..