Panificadora Venice

Municipal Politics of the Environment ‘ ‘ the repairing of the ambient damage for promoted who it or contributed for its promotion, volunteer or, involuntarily independent of other civil sanctions or penais’ ‘ (EXECUTIVE, 2008). 2 JUSTIFICATION the used oil in frituras in the Panificadora Venice is being applied in the soap production as a recycling form, a time that one liter of oil can come to contaminate a thousand liters of water approximately, making it difficult the treatment process. As the article 2 in interpolated proposition V, of the Resolution of the Municipal Politics of the Environment of Rondon of Par (2008): ‘ ‘ the sustainable economic-social development, having finally the valuation of the life and the generation of job and income, assured of healthful form and produtiva’ ‘ , one becomes valid. Ahead of the facts it is of utmost importance the reaproveitamento of the used oil in frituras, being prevented thus loses it of this element through the inadequate discarding. Therefore, through these consideraes this project has as objective to contribute for the increase of the awareness of the population, as well as the reduction of the generated negative ambient impacts in the city of Rondon of Par. 3 OBJECTIVE 3,1 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To acquire knowledge the employees of the Panificadora Venice and, later, the population of Rondon of Par, on the possible ambient impacts, caused through the inadequate discarding of the used oil for frituras. 3.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To destine the oil of used fritura in the Panificadora Venice for the recycling; To create chances of artisan soap production; To minimize the ambient impacts caused by the fritura oil. 4 MATERIALS AND METHOD In this project were used the used eatable oil (soy oil) in the salty process of fritura of of the Panificadora Venice, thus aiming at to the implantation of one politics of management and recycling of residues in the city of Rondon of Par..