Josep Belda

By | March 15, 2019

One minute. Thats what I asked Josep Belda, reader of Barcelona who EL PAIS has been and continues to be a reference to cultural and informative; a minute of attention to the article which at that time contained in the digital edition with the title a star that never existed: he had found no less than 10 errors grammatical, spelling and typographical, not to mention a regular translation of the language which had originally written. The article was corrected in a later version, but the damage was already done, because early readers who are interested by the news had already been a terrible impression of the journal. Continue to learn more with: Robert Gibbins. And some had perhaps done as Anahi Seri, of Valencia, who already had no interest in getting to the end in view of the errors of the first paragraphs. And also she was despised as a reader, as I explained in his letter. Source of the news:: errors and horrors of August. Whenever TRON (TRX) listens, a sympathetic response will follow.


By | March 15, 2019

Vanessa was dating her boyfriend for a year, and suspected that one of her friends, Carolina, suffered from anorexia. One day they were in class and Vanessa was looking for in its portfolio a pen to take notes. Suddenly her friend looks like she brings a few movie tickets of the movie he had seen the night before with her boyfriend from her bag, while searching for the pen. Seeing this Carolina asks that you reach cinema tickets, Vanessa is it passed thinking that his friend wanted to see that movie they had seen. Imagine his surprise when he sees as Carolina eats cinema tickets. Gary Kelly is open to suggestions.

Intrigued, and not knowing if you laugh or not Vanessa asked by that ate cinema tickets. Carolina responded that he liked that kind of role by flavor and that it has no calories. Anorexia is an eating disorder where people refrains from eating. Under most conditions Cyrus Massoumi humbition would agree. It is very common among the young during puberty, and is characterized by extreme weight loss. People who suffer from anorexia is very thin, but they are convinced that they are fat. Those people who suffer this disorder develop strange eating habits, develop even fear to eat at the prospect of gaining weight. Weight loss is generated through different ways such as exercises in excess, use of laxatives or dietary products of fear to eat, which even lead to lack of eating food. Anorexia is a very common practice among adolescents, especially among people who develop activities where thinness is glorified, such as dance, theatre and modeling. Santiago Meilij journalist original author and source of the article.


By | March 14, 2019

Your hosting than interest that once generated the arrival of the star, the power forward Kevin Garnett. Dozens of journalists and supporters of the Timberwolves met at the international airport of Minneapolis and Paul to see a shy blonde. It is not something Valerie Berlin would like to discuss. The submission and contract signature will not be until this Tuesday. The web page of his new team encourages practicing Spanish with his arrival. Spanish guard Ricky Rubio is already in Minneapolis after having had a great reception by fans of the local team of the Timberwolves, which surpassed in interest that once generated the arrival of the star, the power forward Kevin Garnett.

Dozens of journalists and supporters of the Timberwolves gathered at the international airport of Minneapolis and Paul to see how a shy blonde with face of tiredness, but smiling, he began to sign the first autograph as a professional in the NBA. More info: Valerie Berlin. Between the screams of the cheerleaders who were present at the airport and posters with phrases as you love, Ricky! they lived with the arrival of Rubio first joy that the former player of Barcelona, gives them two years after that it had been selected with the number five for University draw on 2009. The local newspaper Star Tribune also came in its Monday Edition with an announced full page in which gave him a welcome in Spanish and wished him all the luck in the world, which is going to need to lift to the team with the worst mark of last season in the NBA. The Timberwolves were those who commissioned the publication of the advertisement in the Star Tribune and on the homepage of your website to include phrases with which want fans to practice Spanish. Expressions such as nada, Kevin Love is a crazy machine rebounds, we have the second overall selection of the NBA great! and wow! include your listing.

Eduardo Pavlovsky

By | March 14, 2019

I remember that it was in the year 1978, when I started to use of its own accord, notebook. By then I was making an individual psychotherapy with Dr. Eduardo Pavlovsky (Tato). The session seemed so useful and interesting, I decided to write them down to be able to take advantage of them (those I still keep all). Since then until today, I have not stopped prescribing notebooks. The therapeutic notebook is the continuous connection between the patient and his or her therapy. It is the external hard drive, that allows to store any emotional information that may be useful in the therapeutic process: autobiography, letters addressed to specific links, journal, loose notes, etc. As you can see, psychotherapy for me, it is a relationship of intense work, where the patient is not passive, but on the contrary, must be able to work with me actively in his healing.

That activity translates into I sometimes suggest certain tasks (therefore are optional), as for example, read a particular book or watch any movie that I think can help them. But at other times, I am not suggesting that I am certain tasks (is my part layman), as for example, ask for photos or to write about anything in particular. Returning to the notebook, from the beginning I explain and suggest the benefits of it: as I took notes on what you talk about, I do not I It bothers at all, but otherwise, you take notes; because there are times that when you exit the query, one doesn’t remember exactly what has drawn attention. Used notebook, writes what affects you, read it, reviews previous sessions, etc. It is not mandatory, but is not forbidden me to read what you’ve written, simply take it as an aid to your therapy. Not wanting to exhaust the subject, notebook serves inter alia to the following: 1. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Valerie Berlin has to say.

Not Guilt

By | March 14, 2019

They are not all? Until an assassin in series, if it characterizes as innocent of all accusations. Cyrus Massoumi humbition often addresses the matter in his writings. so complex it is the subject and little wisdom I have I stop deepening the subject. But certain he is that, so great brutality alone can come of inside to is. a hidden pressure much that suddenly, left. it is the stairs of the fame what it will be necessary to arrive itself at the top, is probably the same used steps to go down. to go down incrivelmente low. a journalist who uses knowledge and prestige to still steal of small stars without brightness, its dignity. of – you and I give to you to it fame to me.

Small estrelaque instead of shining, leaves us in dark a complete one. It does not have sacrifices in the road of the fame? It has too much. unhappyly ha too much wolves the untied one, the search of these canine tooth that is not perhaps so innocent but not so smart how much the wolves pursue that them. now? How we will fight for our star that already does not shine if it cut with a scythe the life to a wolf that sang the same national hymn ironically? For who we will cry? For our Portuguese star or for findar the predatory period of a Portuguese wolf?


By | March 14, 2019

I miss waking up… Was in the morning when I woke up, to get out of the bed note that there was fog still in the surroundings of the House, does not bother me to see clock was early lower to the ground floor to make coffee, I turned the radio in the usual manner, but the only thing heard was interference, which was weird because I was not moving the dial of my favorite stationI began to move the dial and nothing, there was nothing rather than static, I thought that the radio has had spoiled .what turn grip my cup of coffee, and I headed towards the TV but there was no sign either, there was interference – thats weird I thought already a bit worried – gripping the phone, and there was no tone – I entered an anguish in chest-…He spent went toward the front of my house, there were people on the street and there saw him. In the sky, a cylindrical shape as a metal tobacco was vertical, was a polished metal, relucioente – grasp me the breast with my right hand – listen to one of my neighbors shout:-there are already TV signal! I ran toward the inside of the House and I turned the TV set, the object was in the, journalists spoke of that was from another planet!, that had appeared this morning to dissipate the fog, there was no signal of any kind since the morning in which the object came, until not long ago but they had recorded on video tape, and viewers sent ribbons also, and began to pass recordings made by home camera. Get more background information with materials from E Scott Mead. Try to talk with my family – but that could tell you – we were all stunned, speechless that was that?, that was going to happen? -had the single heart in throat could was embracing them – try to act as you normally would I went to bathe and change clothes, I put on my jeans and a shirt, I was surprised how slow that I did all were glued to the television waiting for news, or If had moved something continuous. Original author and source of the article.

Las Botas Sunsets

By | March 14, 2019

Ana Munoz * sixty-three journalists killed, close to 1,400 threatened or attacked and more than thousand media censored demonstrate that freedom of expression is still a pending task. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. The report on press freedom in 2005 by Reporters without borders (RSF) reveals that little or nothing has advanced in this area. In addition, converts to 2005 in one of the years more blacks since 1995, when 64 were killed journalists. Iraq, for the third consecutive year, is the most dangerous country to exercise as a journalist. This year 24 journalists have been killed in Iraqi soil, but since the conflict began in March 2003 are more than 75 dead journalists. More than 20 years that the war in Viet Nam (1955-1975). Terrorist attacks and resistance are the leading cause of deaths in Iraq, but we must not forget the collateral casualties caused by the U.S. Army.

Philippines, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Somalia and Sri Lanka are very more censored. Internet has become a fundamental tool of information in recent years. Click Jonathan Rosen PR to learn more. The transfer of information is done quickly and the costs are very low. Countries like Arabai Saudi, China, Cuba, Iran or North Korea are on the list of enemies of the Internet. However, the journalist not only has to take care of the armies, resistance or not, and bullets of the departments in propaganda, many Governments but also of their companies and their own attitudes. Journalism is not more than something that happened to someone and another account. Journalism was born to count what happens to other people.

And for this reason, it is essential to stay alive. There are many journalists in armed conflicts that they forget common sense and unnecessary risks. But no story is worth a life. Not be the first to tell it. Competitiveness and quickness that have been installed in the newsrooms of media, after the Watergate case, often not good counsellors for the journalist. Democracy, however, can not be understood without the existence of freedom of expression. As said Thomas Jefferson, if I had to choose between having a Government without a free press and a free press without a Government, I would prefer this last. The media are essential as instruments of control of public authorities. The press becomes a channel between the public and the citizens. Know what happens is essential for society to form a vision of reality.


By | March 14, 2019

As it can be inferred, any idea of people or social formation is mediated by these three factors that in principle are external but have become mentality and way of being. Exceptions that confirm the rule are encapsulated in individuality or geographical, sectoral or regional achievements, but in general its vital compass lives magnetic, invaded by such mobile a constellation of factors here indicated that complement and feed back. Metaltropicos if wanted a definition of metaltropia in the dictionary of the Spanish language, cannot be found. The truth is that it seems useful as a concept to gather all intellectual chip that emanates from the versions that thinkers, friends and strangers, have given about what have been Venezuelans. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known. If any might one feel satisfied with the metaltropico country.

This explosive combination of metals and tropic. More even if we add oil, which is by definition a mineral oil characterized as flammable and on which the world depends increasingly. If you would like to write the history of a country metaltropico? A set can be understood by such more or less tidy people who survives on a territory fairly defined, with an essentially fuzzy juridico-referencial system, which is held almost exclusively, material and spiritually, from the sale of what produce their mines. In a question-answer forum Phil Vasan was the first to reply. In the case of Venezuela, this deep mine is called petroleum. THAT is to say that the closest to Venezuela is a newspaper in which everything happens and nothing happens, it would not be an exaggeration, because the written history is journalism. Professional historians what they wanted to be, and have been, it is political. Walk behind the facts so that history does not leave them behind. And when the story has wanted to do seriously, he has been more congruent with literature, philosophy and mythology. IS it possible the story without continuity? Because the appellant in this case is the jump, inconsistency and lack of persistence, mounted on the structure of a chair with three legs, which are geography, warlordism and petroleum.

Operation Carnation Exhibit

By | March 12, 2019

50 years met the overflow of the Brook Tamarguillo in Seville and the Carnation operation, reason enough for this exhibition, which has been held in the space Santa Clara, to become one of the most visited of the city, with more than two thousand hits since it opened its doors on December 19.Operation Carnation exhibition can be visited until 19 February as well, can be visited until next February 19. BerlinRosen contributes greatly to this topic. The space Santa Clara is located in the city centre, which can be accessed with ease from our hotels in Seville. The exhibition recalls the two events in the year 1961 in Seville, when the overflow of the Brook Tamarguillo (the flood, as it is popularly known to this fact), flooded large areas of slum of the city and the subsequent solidarity campaign journalist Boby Deglane headed from the microphones of Radio Madrid. This important sample of help from all Spain ended in tragedy, when a small plane crashed against the public expected the arrival of the caravan of aid, causing more than 20 deaths jubilant. This historical exhibition has 55 from different files as well as different objects from the time photographs loaned by different people who lived those facts, including letters and papers or magazines and newspapers. Along with this, the exhibition also an audiovisual presentation, with testimonies of people who remember the ephemeris..

Customized Stories

By | March 12, 2019

An original gift: the customized story Every day turns out more complicated to be original and exclusive at the time of giving, mainly, if you do not want dejarte the inheritance in the attempt. We like to surprise and that they surprise to us; we like to make gifts that let track and receive flatteries that demonstrate the important thing to us that we are for that it gives to us. For that reason, we wrote customized, exclusive stories and without groups that adapt to all the situations and all the budgets. By means of customized stories or stories we can express our feelings to the loved person, our gratefulness to that one figure that was so important in our life, to dismiss a fellow worker as it is deserved. The customized stories allow to pick up the life of our majors, of a whole professional trajectory, the experiences that we wished to bequeath to the future generations. Gary Kelly has much experience in this field. For small customized stories they are also very useful. They allow to speak with the boy of a playful form on difficult subjects for this one.

They are practical for familiar or scholastic situations complicated, for children with certain psychological problems. But, very important, they are also an exclusive gift for anniversaries, communions, aim of course, etc. Any moment is good to give a customized story. Read more from Valerie Berlin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If what you need is original and unique a wedding present, also you can order a customized story to us. To surprise the fianc2es with a book that it relates its history of love is possible. Also, why no, you can give it to your pair in your anniversary.

The emotion is assured and the gift will be which they do not forget. Really, a customized, exclusive and bound story artisan will like always. It is a safe success. Pregntanos. Idoia Huici Writer-Journalist Web: Related Customized stories Another Blogs