Overcome Age Discrimination And Unleashing The Potential

Final report of the ‘European voices for active ageing’ sets World Cafe Europe e.V.-project before the predicted age pyramid shows it clearly: the number of well trained, experienced and dedicated older people in Europe will double within the next 50 years. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011. But widespread in everyday professional and social discrimination against of these citizens prevented the equal treatment of the generation 50 + in many ways. That’s the opinion of the majority of around 700 participants of the project of European voices for active ageing, 2012 took place in six EU countries. Now is the final report of the Pan-European event series and gives detailed information about the situation of the generations at the age of 50 to 95.Die is good news: the results show opportunities, the disadvantage to overcome and the citizens 50 + as to carry out valuable resource in a changing European society. The year 2012 has been by the EU European year for active ageing and solidarity between the generations” explains. The EU programme of Europe for citizens’ support to selected projects. Reason enough for the Chairman of the World Cafe Europe e.V., Patricia Munro and Jeffrey Beeson, its own project of European voices for active ageing”(EVAA) to start and to organize meetings with citizens in six EU countries within the framework of so-called thematic Cafes.

A World Cafe is a participatory dialogue procedure which allows the participants together to discuss a topic, to develop results and impetus for the realization to give. “, explains Patricia Munro. In the preparation of this project, we noticed that the public discussion on ageing often cited by people, even not 50 + belonging to the generations. We wanted to give a voice and together to discuss their needs and expectations and speak with experts about it.”The results of the six Cafes in six countries (Bilbao, Bonn, Prague, London, Bologna, Strasbourg) were now presented in a 40-seitigenBericht of the EU.