Occupational Therapy

The profile of these patients: 17 of the feminine sex, 13 of the masculine sex; Age between the 14 and 75 years; 14 in the dominant side; 19 in the MSD; 11 in the MSE; 13 Breakings extra-to articulate; 18 Shortening of the radio (Ulna Plus); All with treatment conservative for 6 the 8 weeks (the 2 4 weeks with axilo-palmar, more the 2 4 weeks with gessada glove); In its majority folloied by the Occupational Therapy since the period of immobilization; The treatment was carried through in clinic, weekly during the period of immobilization. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daniel Lubetzky NY on most websites. After this, the accompaniment is carried through 2 times per week and consisted of the following objectives: – Reduction of edema residual; – Increase of Arc of Active Movement of the involved joints (elbow, proximal and distal radio-ulnar, fist, MCF and IFs); – Increase of the muscular force of the affected segments; – Improvement of the kinetic-functionary-occupational standards; – Improvement of the manual ability; The time of treatment varying of 3 the 4 months, with good resulted functional, having the function of Elbow, MCF and IF with functional recovery acceptable; Antebrao with arc of functional movement: 60o. for supinao and 50o. for pronation in the average; The fist was the region with bigger which had loss, sequela, but with good results: – Flexo around 40 60o.

; – Extension around 45o; – Radial Shunting line around 10 20o. ; – Ulnar Shunting line around 20 40o. The Treatment: We will be able to divide the treatment of this type of injury in two phases: The first one, still with the patient making use of the immobilization and the second after withdrawal of this.