Occupational Therapy

The profile of these patients: 17 of the feminine sex, 13 of the masculine sex; Age between the 14 and 75 years; 14 in the dominant side; 19 in the MSD; 11 in the MSE; 13 Breakings extra-to articulate; 18 Shortening of the radio (Ulna Plus); All with treatment conservative for 6 the 8 weeks (the 2 4 weeks with axilo-palmar, more the 2 4 weeks with gessada glove); In its majority folloied by the Occupational Therapy since the period of immobilization; The treatment was carried through in clinic, weekly during the period of immobilization. After this, the accompaniment is carried through 2 times per week and consisted of the following objectives: – Reduction of edema residual; – Increase of Arc of Active Movement of the involved joints (elbow, proximal and distal radio-ulnar, fist, MCF and IFs); – Increase of the muscular force of the affected segments; – Improvement of the kinetic-functionary-occupational standards; – Improvement of the manual ability; The time of treatment varying of 3 the 4 months, with good resulted functional, having the function of Elbow, MCF and IF with functional recovery acceptable; Antebrao with arc of functional movement: 60o. for supinao and 50o. for pronation in the average; The fist was the region with bigger which had loss, sequela, but with good results: – Flexo around 40 60o.

; – Extension around 45o; – Radial Shunting line around 10 20o. ; – Ulnar Shunting line around 20 40o. The Treatment: We will be able to divide the treatment of this type of injury in two phases: The first one, still with the patient making use of the immobilization and the second after withdrawal of this.