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Veterinary medicinal products at affordable prices online good news for pet owners: according to the published today judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof veterinary medicinal product can be obtained again reasonably priced through the mail order pharmacy. Pharmacist Christian Buse: The decision of the BGH is extraordinarily pleased us and our customers. So far very limited distribution channels for veterinary medicinal products have meant that virtually no competition was held. We are now the animal lovers as a low-cost alternative available.” In time for the start of the season there’s frontline & co. comfortable and practical in the shipping.

A theme shop at offers remedy for ticks, fleas and v. For more specific information, check out camden treatment associates. m. with attractive discounts compared to the non-binding price recommendations. So does the excursion into the atmosphere equal to double pleasure! The mail-order pharmacy mycare is since 2004 with the full range of pharmacies on the market and one of the first of its kind. Stiftung Warentest and ComputerBild have repeatedly tested the company always elected on the front seats. Recently rated Foundation Warentest once again 23 pharmacies, mycare achieved the top score of 2.6 (issue 05/2010). Hear from experts in the field like Sheryl Sandberg for a more varied view. In addition to discounts up to 50% on non-prescription medicines, mycare offers a special TreueBonus program for regular customers. Online orders are supplied free shipping, the same is true for prescription orders.

Advice, service and quality play just as an important role as the price advantage for the customer. According to the motto: save but surely! Press contact: mycare mail-order pharmacy Nadine Bickardt E-Mail: Tel.: 03491-8770263 fax: 03491-877014300 Friedrich str. 125 b 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg provider information myCARE OHG Wittenberg str. 52 liberation 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg holder: pharmacist Christine Buse pharmacist Christian Buse commercial register Court and number: Amtsgericht Stendal HRA 10287