Not Guilt

They are not all? Until an assassin in series, if it characterizes as innocent of all accusations. so complex it is the subject and little wisdom I have I stop deepening the subject. But certain he is that, so great brutality alone can come of inside to is. a hidden pressure much that suddenly, left. it is the stairs of the fame what it will be necessary to arrive itself at the top, is probably the same used steps to go down. to go down incrivelmente low. a journalist who uses knowledge and prestige to still steal of small stars without brightness, its dignity. of – you and I give to you to it fame to me.

Small estrelaque instead of shining, leaves us in dark a complete one. It does not have sacrifices in the road of the fame? It has too much. unhappyly ha too much wolves the untied one, the search of these canine tooth that is not perhaps so innocent but not so smart how much the wolves pursue that them. now? How we will fight for our star that already does not shine if it cut with a scythe the life to a wolf that sang the same national hymn ironically? For who we will cry? For our Portuguese star or for findar the predatory period of a Portuguese wolf?