Nordea Bank

Compared with November, average market rate in U.S. dollars declined 0.34 percentage points and in absolute terms amounted to 12.93% * (November 2010: 13.27% *). Lower interest rates for the purchase of apartments in the primary real estate market due to lower interest rates in a number of banks (Gazprombank, Nordea Bank). * Minimum interest rate is calculated on the basis of all possible preferences for reduced rates, and the maximum rate calculated from all possible deterioration of conditions. The calculation of impact indicators: the ratio of credit mortgage, loan term, type of employment, a way of confirming the borrower’s income, etc. The average difference between the interest rates on the stage construction (prior to the registration of property rights) and interest rates after the registration of property rights on loan for the purchase of apartments in the primary housing market in December 2010 and amounted to 1,90 RUR 1,41 USD.

Maximum ratio rate loan / mortgage on all these programs is 90%. The maximum term of the loan program loan for the purchase of apartments in the primary market is 50 years. The declining trend in interest rates continues in the current month and the primary housing market, especially on the eve of New Year’s banks offer spetsaktsii with the ability to receive the discount rate at the conclusion of the mortgage agreement before the end of this year. If you have previously such discounts were widespread, but today such a proposal is still in few players. Banks are beginning to renew the partnership program with the realtor agencies and offer specials, in which the borrower will receive a discount on the interest rate when buying property in the partner bank (eg bank “Revival” and Miel-New).

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