New Technologies

The Mathematics through the New Technologies the school cannot ignore what it is transferred in the world. However, the new technologies of the information and the communication transform spectacularly not only our ways to communicate, but also to work, to decide, to think (PERRENOUD, 2000, p.125). The education of the mathematics is without a doubt one of most important of the estudantil life of each human being. The mathematics has been the mountain out of a molehill for many students throughout its formation. But this panorama can be atrelado to me the formation on the part of some professors of mathematics that aims at the mathematics education as ready mathematical concepts, as objects, not perceiving that these concepts must be developed by the pupils.

In accordance with Brave (1998, p.34-35), the education of the Mathematics in the school aims at, over all, the disciplined development of the logical-deductive reasoning. The traditional education of Mathematics has not produced resulted satisfactory (BRAVE, 1998; AXE, 1999). The problems are innumerable that elapse of the question: pertaining to school evasion; terror ahead of disciplines; fear and aversion to the school, amongst others. In measured wide, the problem happens of the widely adopted methodology in the schools for education in general and specifically for the one of the Mathematics (BRAVE 1998). With Brave (1998), the mathematician can itself be affirmed that, to ' ' fazer' ' Mathematics, thinks, thinks, uses the imagination and the intuition, for, through ' ' chutes' ' sensible, assays of rightness attempt and error, use of analogies, deceits, uncertainties, to organize the initial confusion of the proper thought. It is thus, that the mathematics is developed, but in the classroom is transmitted of form ' ' ready or tcnica' ' as if the pupil was a passive flock of data. Axe (apud PARENTS, 1999, P. 9) affirms: … of one forms generality, has a dissatisfaction with the education of the Mathematics in all the escolaridade levels; its meaning real, its function in the resume pertaining to school passes to be questioned and to be searched of a more conscientious, prompt and contextualizada form. Philip Vasan may help you with your research.