NCS Exterior – A Valuable Tool For The Colour Scheme In The Outdoor Area.

The design of the facades is demanding. The available colors are influenced by many factors. The NCS exterior color fan is a fan of selection, which accesses the 1950 NCS standard colors. In contrast to the NCS index 1950 (all 1950 standard colors), the NCS exterior contains only colors that are suitable for outdoor use. These colors are manufactured depending on the choice of the base and the pigments or pastes of all manufacturers. Construction of the color fan: the NCS exterior is divided into three areas. Classic: 224 brighter colors. These colors are suitable for all types of objects in the outer area.

2 large patterns (55 x 50 mm) are shown per page of the fan. Deep: 28 darker colors. These colors are based on harder-to-be-made plaster pigments that but yet easy to apply are as a coat of paint. 2 large patterns (55 x 50 mm) are shown per page of the fan. Dark & detail: 70 colors. There are 5 colors on each side of the fan. These colors are for equipment and decorations on the other colors of the fan vote.

The pattern size is 22 x 50 mm. The color patterns have a gloss of 4 and are thus ideally suited to reflect a possible picture of the color effect of his outdoor painting to the customer. Why do you need an NCS exterior color flap? The choice of exterior colours the colouring in the outdoor can be expensive and complicated, because depends on the result of work by a large number of factors. With the right choices, the result can be great however and the result is a beautiful aesthetic sight that boosts not only the object itself, but also its surroundings. A synthesis of research results for the NCS exterior collection has NCS colors chosen, which are suitable for outdoor use. While each of these colors must meet the criteria for outdoor use have placed NCS and his team of leading international colour experts. Color for the exterior there were countless hours of work in the investigation of the factors invested, our perception and the application of colors in our architectural environment influence. In addition the in-depth analysis of historical and modern exterior colors on an international level. Social responsibility, environmental protection, colour fastness, colour and perceived color, materials and availability of pigments and surfaces were considered extensively in the development of the NCS exterior colors. Independence: NCS shows vendor-neutral colors. Quality: The NCS sample collections are subject to the very high demands of the NCS of quality management. Our patterns production quality results are to see quality on the Internet at. NCS documents analysis with NCS and makes exterior colors used internationally or historically were used where the logic and the possibilities of the NCS used system. Thanks to this data collection and color information are trends documented changes in the use of color and the most commonly used colors and color ranges for Exterior colors determined. Research results also show the changes in exterior colors that the appearance of a color when they are used would change in the exterior for the Viewer, so there is a difference between colour and perceived color. Often, a color in an outdoor environment will appear brighter and more chromatic than a small swatch. Therefore we recommend considering these changes, choose a darker shade to get the desired color after applying. The entire NCS exterior collection was chosen so that each color after applying appear not too bright and too aggressive. Gunnar Neitz / Sales Manager NCS colour Centre GmbH