National Congress

So Pope Benedikt XVI the new Ambassador Syria in the Vatican made clear that reforms of the political, economic and social life are important and informed wish that these developments without intolerance, discrimination and conflict lost and certainly without violence, instead in absolute respect for the truth, life together, before the legitimate rights of individuals and communities, and in a conciliatory spirit”. I think it is not interfering in Syrian Affairs, if is made aware that the wishes of civil society such as the wishes of international Instances”, also considered to be, as was done in the broadcast of the radio Vatican on the 09.06.2011. On the 11.06.2011 of the Vatican spokesman Lombardi in his weekly column let it be known that “national unity a question of survival” for the Christians in Syria. Syria will attempts to provoke a war between the religious groups, with the threat of a dissolution of the company. Lombardi called on the dialogue to freedom of expression and an immediate end to the violence. In the current phase, the dialogue and the formation of a comprehensive democracy movement in Syria is an important task of all political forces of the country. The congresses of Antalya, Brussels and Damascus could not meet this despite the relative successes of the Organizer.

For a change of the political system, the democratization and reform of laws and institutions of the country, allowed only on peaceful level and must be enforced by a broader base of the Syrian population without slighting its original inhabitants. The participation of Personalities of public life and the reform movements in Syria in exile, is a condition for the success of any dialogue and reform movements. A National Congress can be a platform for it without raising the claim of an exile – or substitute Government, still not democratically elected. Raif Toma