Municipal Collaboration

By | September 12, 2015

The proposal of Luis Fernando was interesting. It suggested becomes a previous study to the increase or adjustment of tariffs of the public transport, that participate specialistic in economy of the UAN and the Technological one of Tepic. The ACASPEN already has their feasible studies of increase in the tariffs, but it is tried that the local experts contribute their points of view in the matter. When refusing to give the results of these studies to avoid that they begin themselves to generate mistaken expectations, Luis Fernando Rodriguez said to hope that the students participate and enter in regard to which the readjustment is necessary for the benefit of a better service. Many do not include/understand that there is a depreciation of the units and we cannot load with all the expenses while is not a real answer, indicated. IS no CRIME After the differences that existed this beginning of week between the CANACO and the City council of Tepic, to that they warned on the cancellation of the payment of taxes to favor to the informal commerce, the regidor of the BREAD Ceferino Branches clarified that the Fiscal Law of Coordination exists in the country, same that indicates it must not have on the part of the city councils collections by licenses of operation in commerce, of tourism and services. The regidor assures that in that agreement it is not contemplated to the payment of licenses operation licenses, and that by law do not have to be received. Despite it referred that the Law of Income of Tepic anticipates a payment that is called identification of turns, which is to replace the cost of the stationery store and emission of license, thus it gave to understand that when refusing to pay these licenses, the members of the CANACO do not incur crimes. To which it had to talk about the leader of the CANACO was in the sense of not being arranged a to cooperate with the Council of Municipal Collaboration each that sends a license to them.

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