Multi Cyclone Principle

Leipzig shows his new, powerful wet & dry vacuum cleaner MENZER VC 760 of electrical appliances manufacturer CGL GmbH 30 may 2012. The electrical equipment manufacturer CGL GmbH presents its new, high-performance wet / dry vacuum cleaner: the VC 760 of mark MENZER but not only excels in high performance, especially his novel filter purification system makes more efficient dust extraction and cleaning. When the successor model of the 750 MENZER VC developers have done everything right. So the device especially with the innovative multi-cyclone filter clean stop technology scores: in addition to the permanent filter clean by the frequent work interruptions are no longer necessary to clean or change the filter, this new system guarantees a consistently high suction performance. This contained in the delivery handling, different suction nozzles offer variety of suction of dust removal of dirt to liquids.

The powerful 1,380-W engine, the robust plastic housing, which preserve the 10.5 kg to a cleaner Light weight makes, as well as complete the high filtration volume of 35 l the advantages of the new model. In addition, the electronic level monitoring helps to keep the control of the absorbed amount of liquid at all times. And the power cord included with the vacuum cleaner makes it easy connection to suitable grinding equipment (E.g. MENZER TBS 225 PRO) also. Our new wet / dry vacuum cleaner VC 760 Menzer is a device with which easily, quickly and efficiently especially when sanding any dust and liquids can be removed. It allows a pleasant and healthy working”this cleaner, explains Torsten Ceranski, Managing Director of CGL GmbH.

The company CGL the CGL GmbH is a European manufacturer of grinding technology for the machining of wood surfaces and dry walls. Under the brand name MENZER, headquartered in Taucha Leipzig distributes an extensive range of power tools, especially for the professional processing of Wooden surfaces and dry walls. In addition, the company distributes the brand of SANDER’S. It includes high-quality abrasives on substrate for a wide variety of grinding operations with regard to the processing of floors, walls and ceilings.