Monarchis Real Estate Is Involved In Hessen

17 apartment buildings near Kassel change owner and 17 apartment buildings with a total of 85 apartments in the area of Kassel bought new Ulm/Kassel that mbH, has Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm, renovated. It is intended to rehabilitate relatively short-term apartments and therefore the rental potential, to increase say the quality of the housing units. It is almost ideal, that some few apartments are just empty; “because this gives us the opportunity, very short notice all units to train to train,” Sonja Schneider, presiding director of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz says mbH, Neu-Ulm. The successful real estate business with a focus on residential real estate has bought 17 family terraced houses with a total of 85 apartments in Hesse close to Kassel. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. The logged total living area is 3.901 square meters and the plot covers 8.269 square meters. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here.

The houses are situated in a quiet, pure residential area near Kassel, were built in 1941 and since then only occasionally some makeover. The building is in good condition. Monarchis intends to rehabilitate all flats and to optimize energy in particular through solar technology and modern central heating systems. Here the companies that currently several apartments empty stand, so that initially the vacancy should be redeveloped and tenants have the opportunity to move to meets. With the recent acquisition of the real estate package in Kassel, Monarchis has again expanded the stock of real estate in 2008. Currently the company has living space, 517 square feet of commercial space and 10.890 square feet plot logged stock from 177 units, consisting of 170 apartments and seven commercial units with a total of 8.722 square meters. Currently we negotiate the purchase of further around 205 apartments, in order to expand our business”, explains Sonja Schneider, presiding director. The Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate business and financial managers with a recent focus on residential real estate in Western and central Germany.