Mom Phone

According to data obtained from research University of Trieste, mobile phone use too often: 56% ten-year children can not live without a mobile phone, and only 32% of children disable it before bedtime. The study involved 129 students of the fourth and fifth-grade elementary school. It was found that 37% of respondents were mobile phone as a gift from his parents, who want more control over their children. However, the parents, giving the phone, have condemned their children to the most this dependence. You should pay attention not following statistics.

30% of kids are doing more than three phone calls a day. 10.85% call, both day and night. Only 20% of the students turn off the phone while at church, even less, 15%, disable it in school. 30% of respondents are convinced that the phone is 'necessary'. Mobile phones have become the subject of worship: the one who has no wish to possess it. But who pays? Naturally, Mom and Dad.

At least 42% parents pay the bills. In this part, and grandparents, but there are only 5%. 19% of pupils of the fourth and fifth grade are trying to pay their own bills out of pocket money. Every second Italian child says that he loves mobile phone, because 'it useful, and can feel more confident. " In fact, most children call their parents (44.18% of calls). 38.75% of the students claim that the SMS-messages are exchanged with friends, but most often used functions – the game (40.31%), alarm clock and audio signals (33.33%).