Metabolic Balance

20 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Liechtenstein metabolic balance holiday packages offer new medical wellness trend in selected hotels are the metabolic balance days to change the diet, and physical as well as mental to a new balance. The hotels range from special courts for metabolic balance policies up to a complete metabolic balance arrangement with medical consultation, venipuncture with evaluation, creation of a nutrition plan, a cooking demonstration with practical tips and recipe ideas for everyday as well as a medical and sports science support. The hotels work with trained metabolic balance consultants, which accompany the guests through the first days and weeks of the program. From 1.535,-per person, for example, the five star hotel Allgau Sonne offers in the balance resort Stegersbach, Oberstaufen, the Royal Spa Kitzbuhel a week incl. full Board individually according to the individual Diet plan and complete metabolic balance programme. For those who already know the metabolic balance, the low share in Breitenberg estate from 577,-per person food offers a refresher or deepening of the programme, as well as metabolic balance. Bernard Golden may also support this cause.

Scientific studies of in recent years show surprisingly clear how directly our eating habits affect the body and how quickly they are reflected in the General State of health. The quality of nutrients, choosing the food and the individual metabolic situation of the individual. “, as an internist and nutrition physician Dr. Check with here to learn more. med. plays a very large role Wolf Funfack, the founder of metabolic balance. Background information on metabolic balance and Dr. med.

Wolf Funfack: Dr. med. Wolf Funfack is a therapist and nutritionist. His personal experiences and the daily problem with the overweight of many patients in his practice caused him to effective solutions in the area of diet and nutrition to Search. Together with Sylvia Burkle (graduate engineer for food technology), he developed the 2001 on the basis of his 20 years of experience as a nutrition specialist that metabolic – balance programme. metabolic balance offers an instrument with a nutrition plan that is individually tailored to the participants for a healthy way of life. The Stoffwechselregulierungs – and nutrition programme aims primarily to keep the insulin and blood glucose levels with a special selection of natural foods and thus to restore to balance the metabolism. The analysis of own blood forms the basis of metabolic balance and thus for the nutrition plan. Exactly the food and nutrients are supplied to the body he needs.