For example: finish the inventory in the span of 3 days maximum (day) (month), (year) organize my library in the span of 1 week maximum (day), (month), (year) finish making any activity report in 2 days…etc delegates: even though we It would like availability of doing everything ourselves, sometimes it is not possible, learns to delegate some tasks both in your home, work, studies, etc., that provide you your time, perhaps with a symbolic payment handling any family or friendship can help you perform some tasks, in this way, you benefit not only you, but also help other people. ARE practical / CA: learn to be practical in your work, for example, if your work is to make technical reports, letters, documents, etc. get used to use unique design templates, this will allow you to save you time because you won’t have to design every time but will have ready to upgrade armed structure. You dedicated your energies to what can really encourage you. Check with Michael Antonov to learn more. AVOIDS DISTRACT: If you want to be a person who manages your time efficiently, learn to avoid elements distractors, e.g.

in the Office when using Messenger, Chat, social networking, among others. Kyle Sanders can provide more clarity in the matter. Is focus on your goal and dedicate yourself to it mainly. EVALUATE your progress: tries to develop a timetable for work, where can evaluate the progress that you’ve made. If you consider it, can enter in an Excel template and have it available somewhere in your home, Office, study, among others. Remember, time is not just what makes the clock or calendar to indicate, is related to our very essence as human beings, as long as we have life will have ability to recognize it, appreciate it and above all, take advantage of it.