Mere Interpretation

Many, unhappyly, share the idea according to which, the philosophical text of one consecrated philosopher, are the only element and object of study for the philosopher; how intellectual and unforgivable blasphemy! All the ones that had passed for the half academic, or still are inserted in it, know very well of what I am speaking; the professor, (not all, still remain a remainder that was not died) with all the pomp, enter in the classroom, many times as a half-god, who the headings of doutorado and after doutorado confers to it, seats delicately in its chair, opens the stock market and goes taking off, a book series, a text of to be studied philosopher, here in Federal university of the Paran is generally the Critical one of the Pure Reason, the Meditations of Discardings, or the Inquiry On the Human Agreement, of the skeptic David Hume; a version in vernculo, a version is in the original, and the commentary of some consecrated French commentator, most of the time has of being French, why problem in it! ; at last it starts the ritual, ademais, nothing against the rituals, while they do not have an end in itself same, are until valid; the skillful lesson he starts, and the professor initiates saying: we now go to learn philosophy! Will be? The philosophy as an activity of the spirit, and as an attitude of estupor ahead of the reality, it must be reduced to one hermeneutics of philosophical text? They do not interpret me badly, I am criticizing the reduction of the philosophy to a mere interpretation, and it does not search it of the philosophical knowledge through the decoding of symbols written in a paper, activity this importantssima, as instruments of thinking; we need the texts of the philosophers, more for a dialogue with the author and its problems, and a work of exercise> philosophical spiritual, of what as corpse that we need to dissecar, and dissecar for dissecar mere. The activity of the philosopher must go beyond the text in its work to decode symbols, must first be decoded the reality, the world, and the present time. Some colleagues, they saw when me to leave the university being read some text called, me peripattico, therefore she had the habit to read at the same time that she walked for the streets, but not obstante the importance of the reading in the philosophical activity, most of the time dedicated to me to reflect on some questions, and for my proper account. Let us remember to us of Aristotle, which not only read as nobody, as much that said that its house was called the house the book, but also passed hours with its metal ball in the hand and a basin under it, so that, when adormecer for reflection excess, it could be despertado for the sound of the metal, when falling of the ball on the basin, and above all, it had a life way that confirmed its speech. I very understand well the necessity of the severity in the search of a good one we cannot more find the elephant, if finding, more will not exist the agency . >.