Matinhense Winter

I, Matinhense legitimize, of father, mother, grandmothers and greats-grandmother of the land, more than what nobody has the duty to rescue causos stories and legends of our people. Where somebody can enxergar a history any, a meaningless story perhaps, I enxergo my past, the certainty of that my people made, and always will make history. One says that for middle of the year of 1930, a hunter whose name if lost, for this history to perhaps be of that counted of mouth in mouth without never having been registered, liveed pras there bands of sertozinho with its wife in its farm of taquara and palmito lath. Of the land they took off the food basic, rice, beans, cassava, face and the proper palmito, of the rivers they took off the fish as complement. McKinsey: the source for more info. The main activity of the man of the house was the hunting, hunted the year all, clearly respecting the times of reproduction of each animal, in the winter hunted mammals and birds, in the summer, lizard and some species of bird. In a certain day of winter, the dawn still was distant, the man already was of foot, the woman lit the stove of firewood for then preparing the coffee for the husband, who seated the rustic table, made the last adjustments in the rifle central fire bore 28, placed cartridges in the cartucheira and rasped the machete, accompanying fidiciary office of the hunted ones. Taken the coffee the man dresses the boot seven lguas, they put the rifle the strap col and went to leave when the woman leaves the door and says the husband: – God who helps you to make a good one hunted, the man then turns over, cospe of side and he takes a mistress looking at it speaks: if it to only pull the trigger pra me! smiling part without saying nothing more, leaving the wife the door with visible face of sadness. .