Marketing Websites

Continue its series of publications devoted to promotion of web sites in a global web-internet. In the first part – if someone was reading – I narrated about the general concepts and benefits, praised it as the cheapest, best, promising, efficient, effective, efficient, modern look to attract, develop and multiplication) after the first part, I flatter myself hoping no one left hesitation that site promotion – it is really wonderful and powerful. In the present paper, we would like to not only tell, but also to confirm that the Internet can lead to your website is a huge number of interested visitors – so magnify, the target audience. What do you think, what the number of people are looking on the web conditioners? When both, but at least in the cold November one just Yandex searched around 149,444 people. In June – as I remember, there were 3 times more. And what do these people find? Past event promotion of web-sites. More precisely, the word 'past' is not entirely welcome. Studied it before, and engaged at the present time! It is certainly necessary – to maintain their own site on top of all tops! After all, you can not pump up the muscles themselves once and for all life, like, excuse me, the mattress.

You're whole life to support them in good shape. effort would require not so much how much the first time, of course, but do have. We return that Is our air conditioners. Promotion web site displays them on top of the issuance of a search engine, where they were overjoyed to notice more relevant probable buyers)) the purpose for which you want to have to be in the top, I read on your lips? After all, my website is the most ideal and quality, and air conditioning in my very affordable, so the client, if necessary, find him and his honor 517-m site. And we do not need no promotion your web-site! Citizens my dear! naturally, such Web sites like yours, have not yet seen the virtual space, but here's a disaster! 95% of searches (or throws, not finding) the necessary information he / product / offer on the first 3 pages of search issue, ie the first 30 websites.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do (with). But before your site gets approximately 517 0.001%, which is about 1.49 person per month for such a popular request, such as air conditioning (for which, by the way I note, and the 517-m site so instantly he found himself)). And only there too, if you managed to show all the congeniality of your site in the header and a couple of lines of description, the customer will be yours. No – wait until next month and the following 1.49 people. But now, other figures – about 20% of asylum-shake on the first hyperlink in the extradition. And it nearly 30000 people. Even at a low 1-percent conversion you get about 300 customers per month to only one request! A query may be a number and variety. And it gives a good promotion of web site. Of course, I cheated a little – in the middle now, the 150 thousand who are looking for something about the repairs and setting air-conditioners, some instructions, and someone even intends to 'free remote control '. But thousands of 100-120 of your visitors will stay. Interesting things!