Mark Bender – Anyone

He is a type of striking immediately, may be he also rather restrained nature: on the one mark Bender stands out almost two metres height from the ground alone with his; on the other hand, he has closely associated of American country singer/songwriter tradition over the years – – developed his very own musical handwriting. The applause of his ever-growing fan base, as well as lots of Awards give Bender the “gentle giants” right, as many call it. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly. His success as a singer and writer is due not least to the fact, that his songs deal with also, but not just of love and great feelings. To dismiss him as a superficial pop singer, just because he sings in German, is therefore inappropriate. He says himself: “there must be a drawer actually for everything and everyone? But if I did: I have with the term Schlager no problems, as long as I neither artistic nor human will put in same corner as some Mallorca-party mood makers. vital information. And I think it’s also quite desirable, that rhymes with not only love shoots texts.” Bender sought so no cliches, but watched and relies on his ability to put thoughts into non-slip pictures and to incorporate this thing easily in his songs.

So he recalled “Anyone” on his latest album, inter alia, that people had to come from not so long ago without cell phones and laptops in everyday, what also worked (“a life without a mobile phone”). In the “Luftmatratzenblues” and “the swimming pool” he evokes in “Four hours later” the vacation time, in “mother’s day again”, “The time is running forward” and “on the train to Amsterdam” he makes the incessant ticking of the clock on the subject. Two numbers that he has not even written, but also only are particularly important to the native Bavaria, Germany in: “Built on sand” (in the original: “Are We In Trouble Now”) and “The clown who never laughs” (“I’m the fool”), both by his British namesake Mark Knopfler, which he adored. “I would never dare to put me on a stage with him. He plays in a different League. However, I could not let it, two on his most beautiful for me songs… Source: Bettina Greve / mark Bender / MySchlager Web link: hits/mark-bender-irgendjemand.