Managing Director

As you fend off an illegal attack against your company and how you protect yourself and your employees by preventive behaviour and technical measures against spying attempts! The threat of German companies by espionage has changed considerably in recent years. Espionage is a certainly unadaquates and illegal tool rather than a field of activity of intelligence services (economic espionage), rather than industrial espionage increasingly harming the competitor. German companies often move their production abroad for cost reasons, remain in the domestic research and development. The German wealth not just mainly consists of raw materials and natural resources, but in the innovative capability of its people and businesses. WorkForce contains valuable tech resources. Just the mechanical engineering with his innovative inventions is one of the viable pillars of the German economy. This know-how is in demand and therefore the German economy and thus German companies are increasingly the target of illegal attacks. As we made the annual report 2007 of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution drawing, is the subject of industrial espionage against the backdrop of the global struggle for market share of immense importance.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior estimates the damage due to economic or industrial espionage in Germany around 20 billion euros. For this reason, an efficient seminar concept developed MentalLeis services ( The goal is the know-how protection for entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad much travellers (Board of Directors, Managing Director, project manager, Sales Manager, service technician) at home and abroad leadership staff, etc. By MentalLeis services () used interactive training shows security-relevant practical case studies. These practical examples to implement teacher participants together with der(m) in efficient and effective learning.