Manager Professional

Internet lead me astray on more than one occasion, I know, but in the street also. Story on blogs stories real which I think may help other people, just as it did with my students or teams that I have had and I have the opportunity to direct. Obviously, there are many other stories that discretion, professional secrecy or prevention, will remain forever in the trunk of oblivion, as well as in real life. Samsung Electronics can aid you in your search for knowledge. In fact, I think that Internet is also more real everyday. In what social networks are concerned, I think that gets many more benefits than damages and, in any case, is part of the economy and society of the 21st century, so you have to accept them and integrate them. I move on several networks of professionals which, finally, after all, are also social (see post Networking), complementing my traditional networking (professional associations, clubs of former teammates, penalties, etc.). Contact information is here: Philip Vasan. Due to ignorance, not included furtive information bases where are my data and they do regularly get stuck my mailbox, straining the answerphone or burst the Manager of e-mail. Finally, just as do real?-traditional life, I try to draw in my virtual card real professional profile, as I am, without traps or carton, with my nonsense even, in a way the potential contact, collaborator, client, student, or plain visitor of the portal, a blow of view, I accept, I reject or, as I said a few weeks ago a transient bloggerI put in quarantine. In short, like everything in this life, you have your ying and the yang. Social networks are not Cockaigne or Second Life type, but are not hell or Sin. Without haste, but without pause, you should go assimilating the concept and integrate it into our life, primarily from the optical professional, although the relationships and therapeutic effects must not be excluded from the personal point of view, that Yes, with proper precautions, covers, sleeves or protections as in traditional life!