October 16, RSCU held Ph.D. VA Zhebita "Socio-psychological factors of the dynamics of image politics," the author of a new direction in the social sciences – "Non-linear communication", Academy member imageology. A real discovery of this research was the conclusion that the true creator of the image itself is the electorate. The role of image-makers is simply to manage the process. As the author of scientific papers in study used some innovative approaches, not previously used in psychology. The result – a universal image of a model policy, which can be used not only to visualize the evolution of image, but also to create forecasts for the future.

According to the author's image as a politician can not talk about something permanent, a system that continuously changes its state. It changes every second under the influence external events and internal state of the voter. Strictly speaking, about the image can only speak as a phenomenon in the minds of a particular person at a time. To help maintain its image, a politician must not only take into account the internal state of the electorate, but also to position itself against the background of current events. The author makes specific recommendations on the selection of event-context for effective image management. For example, a very risky situation for the image of a policy position against the disasters, crimes and scandals. When asked about the practical prospects of this research by replied: "to create a political image management systems." As it became known, the study used statistical data to the image of Russian President VV Putin. Scientific director of the dissertation a doctor of psychological sciences, professor EA Petrova – Dean RSSU head.

Department of Social Psychology, President of the Academy imageology. Report author on the topic of the thesis held October 25, 2007 at the Institute of Psychology RW, small room at street. Moss, 9. With theses can be found on the websites of the Academy of RSCU and imageology -, Press "Nonlinear Communication"